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located in the ancient medieval town of Rye just under an hour from London.

Noise    Traffic    Crime

Peaceful    - Inspiring -    Friendly -     Impressive

Terrace house in London

  • 2,000 sq ft of living space
  • Per square foot cost is high
  • High rates of Crime
  • Limited if any grounds
  • Constant noise
  • Poor Air quality
  • Fast busy & impersonal place to live
  • London Town
  • Expensive Schools
  • Culturally diverse
  • Sweaty Commute to London & Europe
  • 20+MB Broadband (VOIP)

Limited capital appreciation as people start migrating south to allow overseas buyers in as part of the economic regeneration programmes.

Fabulous Mansion in Sunny Rye

  • 11,000+ sq ft of living space
  • A lot less per square foot
  • Low Crime
  • Highly secure grounds
  • No noise, occasional Owl, Fox or Badger
  • Fresh Air
  • Relaxed & Tranquil place to live
  • Picturesque Medieval Town
  • Wide choice of Outstanding Schools
  • Culturally rich
  • Short Commute to London & Europe
  • 20+MB Broadband (VOIP)

Strong pressure on housing as knowledge workers and senior execs recognise the shorter commute and advances in technology empower them to work from anywhere.

Simply idyllic

Not overlooked, under an hour from London.

Full details available in PDF format

"I am easily satisfied
with the very best"
Winston Churchill

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